Monday, August 31, 2015

Extended Deployment

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Martin got on his current ship on July 17th having determined that he would be sailing for two or three months, depending on whether the ship had a regular 3rd engineer who would relieve Martin from duty when ready to board again. The ship does not. So he's at sea for at least three months.

Martin had previous given me an estimate as to when the Great Lakes cease shipping for the winter at around mid-December. But as we talked on the phone the other night, that estimate was pushed forward some more. 

He had been asked if he wanted to become a regular on the ship, at which Martin asked what he had to do to become a regular. Now, I don't remember the whole list of items discussed in that conversation 'cause I have a horrible memory, but I do remember that Martin was told that he would have to work up until the ship halts sailing for winter, which according to this particular ship--the Sam Laud--was late January. Yikes.

Martin and I had already decided that he would fly down here to Texas to spend Christmas with me and my family. Also, Martin just wasn't interested in having to be at sea that late into Great Lake winters. So he won't be becoming a Sam Laud regular.

Within this same conversation between Martin and I, though, he told me that he wanted to stay at sea for a month longer since he didn't really want to return to sea until the spring. Otherwise, with only being at sea for three months, he would return home for a month, then head back out for another month before Christmas. If he sails one additional month during his current deployment, he can get it out of the way (and not have to be at sea during Thanksgiving).

At the possibility of him not working over Thanksgiving, I asked him if it were selfish of me to want to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas with him. Now, I was never thinking that he would fly down here for both holidays. I don't want to take him away from his family. From the start, I was going to suggest one holiday in Texas and one holiday in Michigan, which was convenient, since that's what Martin suggested as his response.

So, while Martin's deployment may be extended, I also may get to spend Thanksgiving in Michigan!

Can't wait!


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